Missing Cat Posters In Fargo-Moorhead

                      These photos were taken at Homeward Animal Shelter. Click to enlarge.

Adoptable Pet Profile: Bandit At Homeward Animal Shelter

Name: Bandit Gender: Male Size: Medium Age Range: Senior Some dogs are playful and energetic; some would rather stay in and snuggle. Other dogs, like Bandit, are a good balance of both, and luckily he’s among the many adoptable animals at Homeward Animal Shelter. Bandit might seem shy, but his favorite way of showing affection…
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Sugar, Shasta, And The Benefits Of Adopting A Bonded Pair

Names: Sugar and Shasta Genders: Female Size: Medium Age Range: Adult Homeward Animal Shelter has a bonded pair of dogs who need to be adopted together: sisters Sugar and Shasta, believed to be mixed breeds of terrier, dachshund, and papillon. Both are three years old and need a home without small children. They are spayed,…
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Dine To Donate For Shelter Animals At Granite City

  For more information: http://www.hsofthelakes.org/RP_About.asp https://www.facebook.com/HumaneSocietyoftheLakes/.

Pets And Mushroom Poisoning

Mushrooms that are toxic to pets: Amanita Muscaria — “Fly Agaric” Amanita Gemmata — “Jeweled Death Cap” Amanita Phalloides — “Death Cap” Helvella Lacunosa — “Elf’s Saddle” Galerina Marginata — “Autumn Galerina” Symptoms of mushroom poisoning: Vomiting Diarrhea Abdominal pain Weakness Lethargy Yellowing skin Uncoordinated movements Excessive drooling Seizures Coma -Särah Nour