Local Shelter Cat In Need Of Donations For Medical Expenses

A fundraiser is currently underway for Bartelbee, a cat rescued by the Marshmallow Foundation back in October. Due to a double eye infection, Bartelbee has been transferred to Fargo’s Cats Cradle Shelter, where he’s being treated by Dr. Charly Stansbery of Red Barn Veterinary Services.

Bartelbee is currently on seven different types of medications. He has already undergone one surgery and could possibly need another by next week. His caregivers are optimistic about saving his left eye, at the very least.

Donations for Bartelbee’s medical needs can be made on his GivingGrid page, where the fundraising goal is $1,000. In the event that this goal is exceeded, the money will go towards the care of other cats with urgent medical needs.

For more information on Bartelbee’s condition and how you can help, call Cats Cradle Shelter at 701-356-7877.

– Särah Nour

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