Adoptable Pet Profile: Casey At Homeward Animal Shelter

Name: Casey
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Age Range: Adult

If anyone has been in foster for far too long, it’s Casey. Being at the shelter stresses her out, so luckily she’s had a loving foster home willing to take her in long-term.

But what Casey needs is a permanent home, one without other pets, as she does not do well with cats or other dogs. She’s been gentle with the children she’s been exposed to, though her playfulness can get overwhelming.

Casey would love owners who play fetch, teach her new tricks, reward her with treats, and snuggle with her under a blanket. Frequent walks would appeal to her curious nature, as she likes exploring and sniffing new things.

Her foster mom describes her as sweet, lovable, smart, and kind. Any household would be lucky to have a dog who’s so receptive to training and eager to please.

For more information on Casey and other adoptable animals, call Homeward Animal Shelter at 701-239-0077.

– Särah Nour

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