Kitten Born With Disability In Need Of Donations

Somewhere in Moorhead, a two-month-old kitten needs expensive veterinary care for his disability, and could use some help in paying for it. The statement on his GoFundMe page reads as follows:

“In June 2017 a very special little kitten named Jimmy was born. Unfortunately, when he was born he was born with no tail and back legs that don’t quite work so he needs our help… [We] do not have the funding for necessary vet visits which is where we need your help! We are doing the best we can with our knowledge and funding but his condition will require more money then we have and we want him to get the best care possible to live a quality life!”

For more information, or to donate to Jimmy’s veterinary fund, head to his GoFundMe page. If you’re unable to donate, share his page on Facebook or Twitter to generate more awareness.

– Särah Nour

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