Adoptable Pet Profile: Rugby At Homeward Animal Shelter

Name: Rugby
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Age Range: Adult

Homeward Animal Shelter has a handsome orange cat named Rugby, with a curious and vigilant disposition. He loves toys, treats, and playtime with his buddy Quinton.

Unfortunately, Rugby is aggressive due to trauma sustained from his previous home. The children of the household constantly pulled his tail, fur, and ears. For this reason he absolutely should not be in a home with small children, as he’s a biter and a scratcher.

Rugby needs a patient owner with a gentle but firm hand. His ideal home would be a place where he feels safe and where his personal space is respected. He would also enjoy a home with other cats, as he currently prefers playing with cats instead of people. Dogs are out of the question, though.

If you want to gain a cat’s trust, do not corner them or force them to interact with you. Wait until they approach you. Extend a finger to them at nose level. If they sniff it and then rub their cheek against your hand, they’re willing to let you touch them. Start small by petting their cheeks, chin, and ears. If they sniff it and walk away, then leave them alone.

If you wish to play with a scared or aggressive cat, don’t use your hands. Use toys instead, preferably something that allows some distance between you and the cat: for example, toy ropes, teaser wands, and laser lights.

For more information on managing aggression in cats, head to

For more information on Rugby and another adoptable cats, call Homeward Animal Shelter at 701-239-0077.

– Särah Nour

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