Adoptable Pet Profile: Chitra At Cat’s Cradle Shelter

Name: Chitra
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Age Range: Adult

Many cats would prefer not to be held, and will bite and scratch if their tummy is touched. Chitra is an exception. Though she was a live-trap rescue, Chitra was clearly someone’s beloved pet at some point, as she loves people and thrives on tummy rubs and head scratches.

Chitra is a domestic shorthair with a dilute calico pattern, estimated to have been born in 2011. She’s house trained, spayed, vaccinated, and has all her claws intact, though she’s unlikely to use them for retribution.

When Chitra first arrived at the shelter, she had been fending for herself out in the cold, and had to spend time in quarantine to build up her strength. Now she’s joined her fellow shelter cats in a colony room, where she purrs at visitors so they can indulge her love of physical contact.

Chitra’s gentle nature would make her a great family pet. She would prefer a home with those who will satisfy her every whim, and who will not stop petting her until she wishes it. Anyone who ends a tummy rub prematurely will be subjected to doe eyes and guilt trips.

For more information on Chitra and other adoptable cats at Cat’s Cradle Shelter, head to their website or call 701-356-7877.

– Särah Nour

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