Adoptable Pet Profile: Harrison At Cat’s Cradle Shelter

Name: Harrison
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Age Range: Adult

Cat’s Cradle Shelter is hosting a handsome, dignified gentleman by the name of Harrison, a gray-and-silver tabby born sometime in late 2015. He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and has not been declawed.

Harrison has the air of a nobleman who would rather perch on a high loft and groom himself than partake in any kitten-like shenanigans. But every so often he drops the act and shows his playful side, romping like a kitten with his roommates and possessively clinging to the toy he’s had his eye on.

Harrison can be affectionate, but on his own time. He’ll snuggle if he feels like it, but doesn’t tolerate being held, coddled, or having his tummy rubbed. If these boundaries are overstepped, he will not hesitate to use his teeth and claws. Your best bet is letting him come to you instead of seeking him out.

His ideal home would be with one without small children. He needs adults who will respect his space and grant him some alone time. But playtime is important for any cat, and he’s often more receptive to snuggling after he’s exerted some energy.

For more information on Harrison and other adoptable cats at the Shelter, head to their website or call 701-356-7877.


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