Sugar, Shasta, And The Benefits Of Adopting A Bonded Pair

Names: Sugar and Shasta

Genders: Female

Size: Medium

Age Range: Adult

Homeward Animal Shelter has a bonded pair of dogs who need to be adopted together: sisters Sugar and Shasta, believed to be mixed breeds of terrier, dachshund, and papillon. Both are three years old and need a home without small children. They are spayed, housetrained, and up to date on vaccinations.

Bonded pairs of adoptable animals often have a harder time finding homes. Though some may believe adopting two will be double the work, there are many advantages that may result in less work and less stress for both owner and animals.

On their own, dogs can become bored or develop separation anxiety, which could lead to destructive behaviors like tearing up furniture and urinating or defecating in the house. Anxiety can cause health problems, such as hair loss, heart disease, and extra weight due to stress eating.

Breaking up a bonded pair would be equally catastrophic. Dogs will grieve the loss of a friend and have a hard time adjusting to life without them. This can also lead to destructive behaviors, as well as loss of appetite and an inability to bond with people and other animals.
A bonded pair will have each other to play with and provide stimulation and companionship. This is especially advantageous for owners who work and can’t spend as much time as they’d like with their pets. According to some studies, dogs who live with bonded companions have longer lives and fewer health issues due to increased exercise levels.

Despite the occasional bout of sibling rivalry over toys, Sugar and Shasta love playing with each other. Sugar is the more energetic of the two, while Shasta is calmer and less excitable. Both of them expect a home where they will be doted on and treated like queens.

For more information on Sugar, Shasta, and other adoptable dogs, call Homeward Animal Shelter at 701-239-0077.

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