Beaver Backers Welcome To Attend Fargo Parks District Meeting

11817214_10153436061561826_4110119289271495872_nFargo Parks District Meeting
Wednesday, August 26th
11:00 AM
701 Main Avenue
Fargo, ND 58103

Back in April, the Fargo Parks District approved a beaver cull along the Red River area. The plan was for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to trap and drown the beavers in order to preserve trees.

However, a local petition—which now has over 58,000 signatures—and a multitude of phone calls to Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney and Moorhead Mayor Del Rae Williams made it clear that locals were strongly opposed to this drastic measure.

Animal rights activist Tim Ness suggested relocating the beavers or putting up wire fences to preserve the trees, while petition creator Megan Bartholomay was quoted by the Forum as saying, “We’re a civilized community living in 2015. Is this the only way? What else have we tried?”

Now on Wednesday the 26th, the Fargo Parks District will host the first meeting of the Beaver Backers—that is, anyone who wishes to join the efforts to save the Red River beavers. This issue has made the facilities commission agenda, and will be addressed during the meeting starting at 11:00 AM.

Members of Fargo-Moorhead Animal Rights plan to present a non-lethal alternative for forest preservation, which, if approved, will be voted on by the park board on September 8th. Senior wildlife experts from the Humane Society of the United States will also be in attendance.

Supporters are more than welcome to attend, and to spread awareness of this event.

As Moorhead activist Adam Hasbargen told the Forum, “There’s always other options. I would hope that our leaders would find the other options and utilize them.”

-Särah Nour

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