CATS Cradle’s Cat Of The Month – And His Runners-up

11692800_922734764452084_1224021347114586850_nTwo Fridays ago, CATS Cradle Shelter held its 4th Annual Dogs for Cats Fundraiser at Cashwise on 13th Avenue South, where shelter volunteers grilled hot dogs and provided cold beverages for $2.00. All proceeds went towards improving the quality of care for the shelter’s many cats.

A staple of this fundraiser is the Cat of the Month Voting Booth, which introduces five new shelter cats to the general public. Visitors get free voting tickets once they buy their dogs and beverages, and beyond that, every 25 cents counts as a vote.

This year those cats were Eloise, Bubba, Ginger, Wilbur, and this year’s winner, Rainbow. Rainbow not only gets to be a featured cat at the Forum, but the lucky person who adopts him also gets a gift bag.

A handsome Persian-domestic shorthair mix, Rainbow has often been compared to the black dragon Toothless from the DreamWorks film How to Train Your Dragon. He’s an active and curious boy who likes his time to explore, but also luxuriates in being held and cuddled.


Despite arriving at the shelter sick and starving, Eloise has maintained a sunny disposition. Her gift of gab makes her a great conversationalist, and she’d also be well suited for a home with kittens, as she’s proven to be a good surrogate mother.


Gentle giant Bubba was rescued from a hoarding situation, and he’s since become a caring father figure to his younger roommate, Garfield. He’s mellow, easygoing, and likes time to himself; though he’s certainly receptive to affection and doesn’t mind having his window-gazing time interrupted.


Sweet-faced Ginger is friendly, affectionate, and loves getting cheek rubs and massages. However, she’s also overweight, declawed, and gets sore when she moves around too much, so she’ll need someone who will keep her safely indoors and help her lose weight.


Wilbur is a real charmer: he loves people of all ages and happily greets them at the shelter’s front door. Though he has fun with playtime, he prefers sitting in a warm lap, reading an iPad or gazing out the window.

For more information on these cats, or on future fundraisers, contact CATS Cradle at 701-356-7877 or head to their website at

– Särah Nour

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