Kentucky Comes Home

11232937_1614202948849890_5125726713186190465_nAfter 29 days of extensive searches, trap setups, and media coverage, Kentucky the shelter dog was finally found Friday around 9:30 PM.

Kentucky, a Lhasa Apso / Cocker Spaniel mix, had been rescued from a hoarding situation, and was being transferred to a foster home courtesy of Homeward Animal Shelter when he slipped out of his collar and disappeared. Sightings were reported everywhere from NDSU to Riverwood Park to Hector International Airport to Country Road 31.

The search for this wayward dog brought together shelter volunteers, airport employees, and many concerned citizens. Finally a live trap filled with tuna and hot dogs brought him back to the shelter, where he was promptly given a bath and a checkup.

Kentucky was lucky to come out of the ordeal with only a few ticks and scabs, given that he’d spent his life indoors and had never been socialized or spent time outside. It appears he even managed to find food, seeing as he’s at a healthy weight.

Kentucky will be on his way back to his foster home once he’s been properly leash-trained.

– Särah Nour


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