Missing Dog Alert: Kentucky On The Loose

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Since Monday of last week, Homeward Animal Shelter has been putting out alerts and setting up live traps for a lost dog named Kentucky. This shy, skittish little guy was rescued from a hoarding situation and ran away from his foster home in the Riverwood neighborhood area. He was seen that day just west of North River Highland Park.

On May 19th, Kentucky was spotted near the park beside the live trap set up by Shelter volunteers. He bumped the lever, closing the trap, and the noise scared him away. He later appeared along the north fence of Hector International Airport, with sightings going as far west as 25th St N and as far east as County Road 31.

On the morning of May 24th, Kentucky slipped out from under the airport fence and was last sighted near 27th Ave N and 9 ½ St. N.

Since he’s now afraid of live traps, and hasn’t touched the food left out for him, Homeward Animal Shelter has called in The Retrievers, a lost dog search-and-rescue team based in Minneapolis.

If you see Kentucky, do not chase him or attempt to catch him yourself. Instead, call the shelter at 701-239-0077, or PR Coordinator Heather Klefstad at 701-388-7335.

– Särah Nour

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