Adoptable Pet Profile: Einstein At CATS Cradle Shelter

downloadName: Einstein
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Age Range: Senior

Among the many office cats at CATS Cradle Shelter, fifteen-year-old Einstein has earned the title of Night Watchman, as he does night-rounds in the office and back rooms, making sure all is well with the others.

Calm, observant Einstein is mostly well-behaved, though he will make his displeasure known when it comes to unwanted attention. If he wants petting and cuddles, he will approach you for them. For this reason he may not get along with small, rambunctious children, and would prefer being an only cat, unless the other cat is also a mature adult.

Which isn’t to say Einstein doesn’t have a rambunctious side. During playtime at the shelter, he has done somersaults in midair, and his speed and agility has earned him the nickname Shooter. When he’s feeling playful, Einstein has the energy of a much younger cat.

The story of how he ended up at the shelter is not a happy one. His longtime owner had to rehome him when he moved to a building that didn’t allow pets, and unfortunately the new owner placed him in the pound. At this point in his life, Einstein needs a loving, stable home with people willing to commit to him.


If you need a benevolent warden to keep things in order around the house, look into adopting Einstein. He’s declawed, so he will need to be an indoor cat, and has the perfect combination of kittenish mischief and the wisdom that comes with age.

– Särah Nour

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