Adoptable Pet Profile: Sammo At CATS Cradle Shelter

Name: Sammo
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Age Range: Adult

The current reigning office cat at CATS Cradle Shelter is a thirteen-pound black beauty named Sammo. He became office cat last summer because he didn’t take well to large colony sizes, preferring to govern his own territory—namely, the desk and the filing cabinet—in peace.

In typical cat fashion, Sammo tends to be stubborn and particular about his preferences. If he wants to sit on your lap, he won’t be persuaded otherwise. If he decides he no longer wants to be petted, he’ll make it known with a swipe and a hiss. He’s more affectionate towards men but is not opposed to female attention.

Sammo has also shown his willingness to compromise, as he currently shares the office with two other cats, Einstein and Gloria. Though he took his time getting used to them, eventually he ceded control and gave Gloria the run of the kitchen and allowed Einstein the softest bed on the cat tower.

In addition to being neutered and current on his vaccinations, Sammo is a polydactyl cat, meaning he sports extra thumbs due to a genetic abnormality. In the past, sailors and fishermen considered polydactyl cats good luck, as they kept boats free of rats while their extra thumbs helped them balance on slippery surfaces.

Polydactyls are also called Hemingway cats, as writer Ernest Hemingway collected them, starting with a white six-toed cat given to him by a sailor. Even now the Hemingway Home & Museum is home to hordes of them, which increases its appeal as a tourist attraction.

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– Sarah Nour

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