Adoptable Pet Profile: Harvey At Homeward Animal Shelter

Name: Harvey
Breed: Mixed
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Age Range: Young 

Homeward Animal Shelter has a relatively new addition named Harvey, a Labrador retriever / German shorthaired pointer mix. According to his profile, he’s good with other dogs and with kids, but not good with cats.

Labrador retrievers are currently the most popular breed in the United States. Initially bred to work alongside fishermen (pulling in nets and retrieving stray fish), Labradors now commonly work as hunting dogs, guide dogs, and in search-and-rescue missions. As a sporting dog, Labradors are easy to train and must be kept busy with outdoor activities, such as jogging, biking, hiking, or swimming.

German shorthaired pointers are also a sporting breed with a high energy level, and require rigorous exercise and training. Having been bred to track and retrieve hunting game, pointers have a high prey drive, which is not ideal for owners with smaller animals. However, they are generally not aggressive and make loyal companions and vigilant watchdogs.

As a mix of two intelligent, athletic breeds, Harvey would make a wonderful pet for anyone who leads an active lifestyle and loves the outdoors. He is housetrained and up-to-date with his vaccines, so potential owners will not have to worry about those things. As an added bonus, the adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous donor, so those looking to adopt him can do so at a lower price.

For more information, call the Homeward Animal Shelter at 701-239-0077 or stop by the shelter to see Harvey for yourself. Adoption applications are available online.

– Särah Nour

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