CATS Cradle Rescues A Mother And Five Kittens

Pictured: Ferrette
Pictured: Leuka










If you ever had any doubts that your donations to CATS Cradle Shelter were going to a good cause, you’ll be glad to know that money went a long way in helping a young mother cat and five kittens.

Last Saturday, soon after the little family arrived at CATS Cradle, two of the kittens were rushed to the ER suffering from dehydration, hypothermia (their temperature was 90 when it should have been 100.5 to 102.5), and dangerously low heart rates of below 70 bpm (normal heart rate is between 160 and 200 bpm).

They weighed about two ounces and were so weak they couldn’t even lift their heads; but luckily they were in good hands with Dr. Kaufman, who named them Leuka and Ferrette. These kittens are now stabilized and are being fostered by a veterinary technician.

Pictured: Cannon (orange), Nikon (gray), and Fuji (buff)

As for the mama cat, April, she and her three other kittens are also in the care of dedicated foster owners. She is being treated for mastitis, a condition that makes her unable to produce milk. Currently she’s only allowed limited time with her kittens, as they bit and scratched her in their attempts to nurse, which required the vet to put a shirt on her. She will likely be spayed once she has recovered.

Mastitis is a condition seen in humans as well as domestic animals. With cats, the symptoms are fever, lethargy, depression, dehydration, lack of energy, swelling of the affected gland, and bloody, yellow, or thickened milk. If a pregnant animal shows signs of mastitis, they must see a veterinarian immediately, as it’s considered a medical emergency.

The medical bills have been paid for thanks to generous donations made to CATS Cradle Shelter. For anyone interested in contributing, their website allows the general public to make onetime as well as ongoing donations.

Pictured: April

Although monetary donations are always welcome, also on the wish list is KMR kitten formula, which the foster owners will need to bottle-feed April’s kittens. And of course, the usual items apply, such as cat beds and cat toys.

To keep up to date on April and her kittens, follow CATS Cradle Shelter on Facebook.

– Särah Nour

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