4 Luv Of Dog Rescue Hosts “Pittie Party”

4 Luv of Dog Rescue’s “Pittie Party”

Sun, March 23rd, 1pm – 3pm

1523 23rd St S, Moorhead, MN

Despite the pit bull’s fearsome reputation, 4 Luv of Dog Rescue is on a mission to find them loving homes and educate the general public about this much-maligned breed.

From 1:00pm to 3:00pm this Sunday, the facility will be hosting a “Pittie Party,” meaning the doors will be open for people to meet adoptable pit bulls, socialize with experienced pit bull owners, and get their questions answered about the breed. If anyone decides to adopt one at the event, the fee will be reduced by $50 after they are approved.

The pit bull breed originated in England. Back when animal baiting was considered an acceptable spectator’s sport, bulldogs were placed in fighting rings against bulls, bears, and other larger animals. After baiting was banned in the 1800s, handlers made the dogs fight each other instead; and as dog-fighting became more popular, breeders decided they wanted a stronger and more agile dog that was better suited for the ring. So from bulldogs and terriers came the pit bull, which was eventually brought to the States by British immigrants.

However, the pit bull’s history is not all bloody. Though they were bred specifically to fight other dogs, they also had to be tame and obedient, as handlers wanted a dog they could command and control without getting bitten. At some point, pit bulls even earned the nickname “nursemaid’s dog,” because they were usually gentle with children.

These days, animal experts recommend spaying/neutering, early socialization, and consistent training and discipline to ensure a pit bull remains nonaggressive. Since they are slow to mature, their true temperament may not manifest itself until they are two, three, or even four years old. Under the right circumstances, and under the care of vigilant owners, they are playful, people-friendly dogs.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a pittie, mingle with fellow owners, or simply educate yourself about the breed, the doors of 4 Luv of Dog Rescue are open this Sunday, so come on down.

– Särah Nour

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