Two Chances Left To Take Part In Paws For Reading At Fargo Public Library

For any animal-loving elementary school children who need more motivation to read, the Fargo Public Library offers Paws for Reading, a program where children read out loud to trained therapy dogs. Starting back in September, this event has been held the second Saturday of each month.

Now there are two last sessions remaining: one being held Saturday, March 8th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm and another on April 12th. Children are free to bring their own books or choose from the library books provided. Pre-registration is required, so if interested, call 241-1495.

The dogs involved in the program have been trained by pet partner teams from Therapy Pets of the Red River Valley. The goal of Paws for Reading is to help children improve their reading and communication skills, and the dogs provide a calming presence, as they will sit patiently, listen, and not correct them when they stumble in their reading or mispronounce a word.

Whether your children are just learning to read, need to improve their reading skills, or just like being around animals, this promises to be a safe, fun, and beneficial activity for them. With only two opportunities left to partake, Paws for Reading is a program worth looking into.

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– Särah Nour

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