Finding Olive: An Interview With Christine McCulley

It was about three and a half weeks ago today that Olive, a pitbull mix belonging to Christine McCulley, disappeared following a car accident near Buffalo/Casselton, North Dakota. McCulley was on her way to Alaska at the time.

Since then, there have been search parties, media coverage, and funds raised for a reward for Olive’s safe return. Sightings of her in West Fargo have been reported near the Silver Dollar Bar on Sheyenne Street and the Sheyenne Crossings Nursing Home on 13th Avenue.

In this interview, McCulley details the day of Olive’s disappearance and the efforts put forth to find her, as well as opportunities for anyone wanting to help bring Olive home.


When and how did Olive go missing?

Olive went missing January 5th. My car flipped into the ditch several times, and she was thrown from the vehicle. This happened near mile 314 on I94, near the east side Buffalo exit.

Did she sustain any serious injuries in the accident?

I don’t know for sure what injuries she sustained, but she was seen running away from my car.

Where and where was Olive last seen?

Olive was last seen in West Fargo, near the Sheyenne Crossing Nursing Home on January 12th. She was spotted close to the same area a few days before that as well.

If someone sees her, should they approach her?

Olive is usually a very friendly dog; however, she has been out on her own for over 3 weeks, and may not be her usual friendly self. If someone sees Olive, please keep her in sight and call animal control, or take her to the nearest animal hospital if possible. Please contact me at (907) 460-3060 or Jolene at (651) 308-0781.

What has been done so far to find her?

There have been fliers posted about Olive, she’s been mentioned on the local news and radio, and there are currently billboards up in West Fargo about both her and Oliver, the other dog that went missing under similar circumstances. I’m in pretty constant contact with the local pet shelters. I set up a Facebook page called “Help Find Olive” to spread awareness, which has over 1,000 followers. Many people tell me that they are out looking for Olive as well. There is also a reward for her safe return of $850, raised through GoFundMe.

What more do you plan to do?

I will keep calling the shelters and keep searching online for any leads for missing dogs that resemble Olive. People have been very kind and generous with their time, efforts, and donations to help bring Olive home. I had to leave the area a couple weeks ago, and have been relying on other people to search for her since I can’t be there physically.

If someone wants to help, what can they do?

To help, you can like and share the Facebook page, or search for her in the West Fargo, Casselton, Mapleton, or Buffalo areas.

What would you like the public to know about Olive?

Olive is a white and brindle pitbull mix. She is spayed, and weighs about 40 pounds. She has a plate in her elbow, and an artificial hip socket, both on her left side. She is not micro-chipped. I got her from a rescue shelter in 2011. She does have separation anxiety when left alone, but is still friendly to people and other dogs. She is a very friendly, sweet dog, and I miss her tremendously. Thank you to everyone who has helped me in trying to find her so far.

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  1. Jennipher Warren

    Dear Christine “Daria” McCulley,

    I do hope you find your dog-ghter. I know how important she is to you & I really hope you both are reunited soon!!! I wish there was more that I could do to help, because you are the kindest, most thoughtful woman I know & you deserve the best & peace of mind.

    Please keep your head up & stay positive.


  2. Jolene Boumeester

    Dear Christine,

    I will continue praying and hoping for Olive’s safe return until she’s found. Like you, I am thankful to all the folks who have been so generous with their time, their efforts to find her and their willingness to help spread the word about her. Olive is out there somewhere. We must keep the faith that she will be found and returned to you, her “mom”.

    Ever hopeful,

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