Adoptable Pet Profile: Claus At Homeward Animal Shelter

Name: Claus Gender: Male Size: Medium Age Range: Young For anyone looking for a playful, energetic dog to play in the snow with, Claus would be the perfect fit. This outdoor enthusiast would love a big yard to run around in, and owners with enough stamina to keep up with him. Claus is a border collie, a breed developed…
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Local Shelter Cat In Need Of Donations For Medical Expenses

A fundraiser is currently underway for Bartelbee, a cat rescued by the Marshmallow Foundation back in October. Due to a double eye infection, Bartelbee has been transferred to Fargo’s Cats Cradle Shelter, where he’s being treated by Dr. Charly Stansbery of Red Barn Veterinary Services. Bartelbee is currently on seven different types of medications. He…
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Adoptable Pet Profile: Archibald At Homeward Animal Shelter

Name: Archibald Gender: Male Size: Small Age Range: Adult Most owners would hesitate to walk a chihuahua in winter, as they tend to be highly sensitive to cold weather. But Archibald is surprisingly hardy and will happily play in the snow. Of course, he’ll need to be watched to ensure he doesn’t fall into a snowbank, and will need…
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Elderly Dog Missing Near Trollwood Apartments

Location: 3115 Broadway N Building B Fargo, ND 58102

Reward Offered For Missing Siamese Cat